We Coach Owner Builders To Success - Every Step Of The Way

Design and Energy Efficiency;

Over and above look of the house design  of your new home, we make sure that it also becomes a secure investment and it retains "market appeal".

To do so our designer work with you to ensure that it has modern, pragmatic and incorporates affordable and effective home energy efficiency measures that are now necessary for all new homes such as;

  • Passive solar orientation
  • Thermal mass dynamics
  • Effective natural ventilation
  • Use of alternative materials
  • Renewable energies
  • Effective insulation

We are passionate about sustainable living and apply these important principles as a standard measure of our home design service. 

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​​​HOW IT'S Done

The home build process is not difficult, but it is complicated and requires tight control and well laid out procedures. 

Our approach is to deliver three key technical elements that ensure that our owner builder clients are ready and prepared for the challenge.

1. Process Knowledge and Home Builder Techniques

  • We provide detailed knowledge that relates to the site, the specification and the all important house plans and home design.
  • We focus on the what, why, when, how and by whom. 
  • We give specific know-how that relates to your house design - the information is not generic.
  • We ensure that you have the confidence and awareness to perform like professional home builders.

2. Industry Resources and Documentation

  • We prepare detailed professional documents, elegant house plans, accurate estimates of the house design, construction standards for every element of the new home build, step-by-step process flow diagrams for all activity, a bill of quantities for all material purchases, sub-contractor agreements, quality inspection checklists, site safety protocols and more. 
  • We eliminate the guess work to ensure that you have the resources to build to a standard that is comparable to the best custom home builders. 


3. Professional Safety Net

  • We provide - Support, Guidance & Advice.
  • When you need help - we are right there to get things back on track.

Support with the Final Finishes

With Owner Builder Homes You Save 20% - 30% on Build Cost, and also Retain Full Control From Start to Completion. It's Very Possible and with Our Guidance, It's Well Within Your Reach.

      We provide professional coaching and proven systems to discerning Owner Builders. ​​

The Custom Home Builder Process;

Building a house that is based on custom house plans requires standardized systems and procedures.

Namely, these are;

  • Home design concept
  • Detailed costings for the house plans
  • Technical Details for the structural elements of the new home.
  • New Home finance approval
  • New home regulatory approvals
  • Scheduling and tendering
  • Purchases orders for materials.
  • Builder's subcontractor agreements
  • Numerous phases of construction
  • Site safety and Housekeeping
  • Quality Assurance
  • Fit-out and Final Finishes

Our methodical systems and detailed construction documents ensures that every aspect of the new homes build is covered.

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Focus Your Energy !!

With all the new home planning and documentation prepared for you, your time will be freed up manage the process of building your new home, cost control and build quality.

Custom Design Your

​New Home

​​​Owner Building your own new home can be very rewarding, but it will also be challenging. Preparation and organisation are critical when building a house.

Owner Builder Homes offers Owner Builders affordable house designs options and professional home builders advice.

​​We're not home builders and we do not engage in home building contracts.

We are professional building advisers that deliver technical resources and coaching to help Owner Builders manage the build process.

Our service is unique and it delivers savings and peace of mind. 

The home builder's resources that we specifically prepare for your new home will ensure that you carry out the work like a licensed builder. 

You get professional builder systems without having to pay huge builder's margins or be captive to a contract. You call the shots at all time.

Our role is to be your personal coach and mentor, a building partner with vested interest in helping you achieve the best outcome in building a new home. 

Don't set out alone, our service is very affordable and we can be there each step of the way. 

You decide where you need the help - and provide that help.

Unique & Simple Home Builders Service. 

We understand that Owner Builders set off on the Owner Builder process to save time, save money and to avoid the pitfalls of a new home build contract.
Our job is to make sure that Owner Builders succeed by getting things right, first time, every time.  
We provide the detailed knowledge, resources and tools that Owner Builders need as custom home builders. 

Our Role is to;

  •  Coach - Provide you technical know-how and professional advice.
  •  Prepare - Make sure that you have the resources to get the job done. 
  •  Mentor - Guide you through the process from beginning to end.   ​

Your Responsibility is to;

  •  Focus - Be aware and ready for every stage of the build.
  •  Manage - Competently control every aspect of the project.
  •  Perform - Deliver professional outcomes and savings.

Facilitate  New Home Approvals Owner Builder Course

Owner Builder Homes - People
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Save Time !!

Custom Home builders require structured program. We provide step-by-step guidance that will keep the new home build moving from start to finish.

Build with confidence and enjoyment. 

A Lot to Think About; 

       and much more.

Our professional team will guide you methodically through the process and ensure that you are well prepared to manage the entire project from start to completion.

As the project advances, we're available to help you overcome obstacles.

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Guide You

Step-by-Step Through

Construction Process


Organise Full Set of Construction Documents

Improve Quality !!

You will have technical standards and quality checklists to build your new home. We help you ensure that every aspect of your custom built home is completed to a quality standard.

Save Money !!

Every expense of your new home will be quantified. Tight control will eliminate waste and rework. We provide industry cost structures that will allow you to negotiate the best prices for labor and materials. 

Preparation, Organisation and Focus - The smart way to build.

Accurately Determine Your New Home


Owner Builders Want Control

You maintain your freedom at all time. Our role is to make sure that you have the knowledge & resources make the right decisions.

Owner Builders Want To Save

Our professional systems ensure that you build efficiently.

Get the best prices for labor and materials, eliminate waste & rework.

From Start to Completion - Professional Home Builder's Support ​

Owner Builder Homes

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